Ultimate ANW Backyard Ninja Course Blueprints


From Ninja Warrior Blueprints

Whether you are serious about becoming the first American Ninja Warrior, or you would just like to surprise your kids with the coolest present ever, the Ultimate ANW Backyard Blueprint is exactly what you need to have a complete and super-compact course in your own backyard.

Our original design packs the following obstacles into an 8×16 foot space: Salmon Ladder, Rope Junction, Rumbling Dice, Devil Steps, Globe Grasps, Pipe Grasps, Cargo Net, Cliff Hanger, Peg Board, and Jumping Bars.

Imagine having a full-scale Ninja Warrior training course built in your own backyard in less than a week. Yeah, you read that right! Just imagine…  a week from now all of your friends and family will be marveling at the sight of your brand new personal training course



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