Lego® Obstacle Course Set #2

This is a Lego® obstacle course. It has one minifigure and 123 Lego® bricks.
The obstacles are functional as seen in the picture. That means that your figure can hold on to the obstacles like in real life. The obstacles are the Ascending Steps, Hanging Coconuts, Balancing Surf board, Spinning Tire, and the Warped Wall. The Warped wall has a buzzer at the top, as well as a firework. This entire Lego course measures 9 inches x 2 inches x 5 inches. Make your play fun with this one of a kind set. You can play with it again and again or display it proudly for years to come. Directions do not come with this set, but after shipping some assembly may be required. I will always help if you need help rebuilding anything.



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